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Why Cashless Nigeria will be driven by Mobile Advertising - Twinpine

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Why Cashless Nigeria will be driven by Mobile Advertising

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These are very interesting times in the mobile space in Nigeria. She happens to be one of the countries with the highest ratio of internet users on Mobile vs PC. The Blackberry device is pervasive with most of them having 24/7 internet access. Instant messaging apps are everywhere from WhatsApp to 2go to Eskimi.
In this same period, mobile money is launched by some network operators in collaboration with banks while some independent vendors are doing it alone. At the same time, the Central Bank is drumming its cashless policy into the ears of everyone willing to listen. The message is quite clear. We now have the platforms that will make e-commerce and m-commerce possible and the country’s financial regulatory body is leading that change.
Some questions however linger. How easy will adoption be? Who will be the early adopters? Where should the change start from? What will drive the adoption? The questions are endless and I’ll try to answer the ones listed.
In order to succeed in this push for a new payment system, we must first admit that it will not be an easy task. It’s not going to be as simple as telling people to go pay with cards and mobile phones. Even when they know its easier and faster, it will be tough especially with a culture where cash is saluted and trust is hard-earned.


It’s pretty obvious that the early adopters of this change will be the Millennials. Young people aged less than 30. They are fresh, have the tendency to try new things, want to be up-to-date and are easily influenced by what happens around. I strongly believe that the change should and will begin right where these people are, Mobile.
This segment of the population are the biggest users of mobile apps, sites and accompanying technologies. It is therefore a no-brainer that this message should be taken to the mobile platform and not BRT buses or billboards.
What will drive adoption? Well, the title of this post says it all. The best way to reach the people who need to hear this cashless message first is by advertising to them via the mobile. This is exactly what mobile advertising is all about – effectively reaching people via the mobile channel. 


Mobile Advertising is our expertise at Twinpine. Having helped several brands and businesses reach their target audience via the mobile web channel with impressive results to show, we are set to be at the forefront of the cashless and mobile money revolution in Nigeria.
If you happen to be a player in this emerging industry, simply email us at info@twinpinenetwork.com so we can help you get to where you need to be.
Posted by Oduntan Odubanjo
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