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Twinpine Success Story: Case Study of Naij.com - Twinpine

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Twinpine Success Story: Case Study of Naij.com

//Twinpine Success Story: Case Study of Naij.com
Naij.com is one of the most visited sites in Nigeria, focusing on local contents like News, Videos, Music, tickets etc.
Mid 2012, Naij.com was integrated to the Twinpine platform. The rise in Naji.com’s revenues has been outstanding. From making about 10 dollars a day, the website now makes over 160 USD a day.
Currently, Naij.com mobile site is one of the highest earning publisher sites on the Twinpine Network, earning an estimated revenue of over $3000 monthly.
The company saw Nigeria as a strategic market and so committed itself to the development of internet in the country.  It has rendered advertising services to several companies in Nigeria both local and international ones amongst which we have mobile operators, mobile phone producers, banks and insurance companies, real estate, oil and gas companies and consumer companies focusing mainly on services relevant to the local market such as local search, local video, local classifieds advertisements.
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