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MTN Louds Naija Via Twinpine - Twinpine

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MTN Louds Naija Via Twinpine

//MTN Louds Naija Via Twinpine
Mtn X Twinpine
At Twinpine, it is our business to do great things for amazing companies.
As part of its Value Added Services, MTN, the largest mobile network operator in Africa, released a exclusive Mixtape – Louding Naija by DJ Neptune – to every mobile internet users in Nigeria. The objective was to drive as many downloads as possible in a space of 6 weeks.
The Twinpine Solution
·   Implemented a conversion tracking feature to get downloads insights and enable full optimization.
·   Made use of the frequrncy capping feature on the Twinpine platform. This entails limiting the number of impressions and/or clicks a mobile user can have within a session to boost campaign performance and produce better results.
·   Over 300,000 downloads were gotten in within a space of 4 weeks.


·   Achieved a CTR of 0.72& and a conversion rate of 57%
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