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Twinpine Partners Afmobi to Offer Brands In Africa Premium Mobile Audiences - Twinpine

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Twinpine is Africa’s premium mobile marketing platform that intelligently connects businesses to their target audience mobile journey from discovery to conversion. We have become a mobile monetization and data platform that helps publishers and content providers earn more revenue from advertising on mobile whilst helping businesses unlock more value from mobile with big data.

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Twinpine Partners Afmobi to Offer Brands In Africa Premium Mobile Audiences

//Twinpine Partners Afmobi to Offer Brands In Africa Premium Mobile Audiences
Twinpine ad format on Afmobi

Twinpine, a Terragon Group Company, Africa’s pioneer and premium mobile marketing company, has recently partnered with Afmobi, a mobile internet business with one of the largest portfolio of products in Africa, to offer brands and agencies access to premium local inventory on the Tecno Mobile phones browser, Palm Play content store and the PalmChat Social.

This browser is pre-installed on 27 million devices that have over 700,000 unique users daily and 50,000,000 impressions monthly. Palmchat is a social channel that reaches core marketing demographics {80% of its users aged 16-30} anywhere in Nigeria. Ad campaigns that run on the PalmPlay store are able to reach a wide audience of over 400,000 daily active users. These channels are accessible on both Smart and Feature phones.

“Afmobi is pleased to partner with one of Africa’s leading Mobile advertising company in delivering value to brands and agencies through its multiple-channel touch points. With access to over 50 million unique users in Africa with over 30% of those users in Nigeria, we know that our channels would offer tremendous engagement opportunities for brands” said Philicia Lai, AGM, Afmobi Africa.

Also commenting on the partnership, Oduntan Odubanjo, Chief Operation Officer, Twinpine said the collaboration is another step to create more value for our customers by ensuring access to premium yet local inventory that helps brands target the right audience.

“For brands and advertisers, buying media across these platforms which are local yet premium ensures that issues like fluctuations in foreign exchange rates will not affect their campaign. At Twinpine, we will continue to present premium opportunities for brands to get value for money spent when running marketing campaigns on our platform. It’s important to note that the consumers’ experience with our ad formats will be as engaging as possible” he said.

Twinpine recently unveiled its new ad formats (Native Ads, 3D Ads, Brand Cast, Call-to-Action Ads) as well as its Mobile Intelligence Portal, Programmatic Platform and Adrenaline product at an event tagged “An Evening of Innovation with Twinpine” which brought together a number of digital marketing agencies, brand owners, IT experts and media practitioners.


About Twinpine
Twinpine, a Terragon Group Company, is Africa’s premium mobile advertising network reaching millions of Africans on mobile devices via the mobile web. Twinpine helps brands and publishers run and manage tailored mobile advertising campaigns, enabling them to connect with the right audience, increase conversion rates and ultimately, make the most of Mobile.
Twinpine works with several leading advertising agencies, brands and publishers locally and internationally connecting them with their African audience delivering exceptional results for them. Twinpine has delivered campaigns in several African countries including Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, among others.

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