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Twinpine and Swift Offer Brands Premium Location-based Mobile Advertising

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Twinpine is Africa’s premium mobile marketing platform that intelligently connects businesses to their target audience mobile journey from discovery to conversion. We have become a mobile monetization and data platform that helps publishers and content providers earn more revenue from advertising on mobile whilst helping businesses unlock more value from mobile with big data.

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Twinpine & SWIFT Offer Brands Premium Location-based Mobile Advertising

//Twinpine & SWIFT Offer Brands Premium Location-based Mobile Advertising
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Twinpine, a Terragon Group company and Africa’s pioneer and premium mobile marketing platform, has partnered with Swift Networks, Nigeria’s leading and innovative Internet Service Provider, to offer brands and agencies access to premium audiences through their Red Cheetah free broadband Wi-Fi service.

Ad campaigns that run on the Red Cheetah are able to reach an average of 1,000,000 active users daily, when fully deployed and who can each be targeted by their specific locations and profiles to provide a more meaningful interactive marketing experience.

According to Mr. Philip Sonibare, the General Manager of the Red Cheetah product at Swift Networks, This partnership fills a major gap in the Nigerian market by simultaneously meeting the needs of the brands with premium location-based advertising and secure high-speed broadband service for their customers.

“We are excited about this partnership with Twinpine to create a compelling, disruptive, interactive, and highly customize-able platform to help brands and businesses unlock more value by intelligently connecting them to their precise target audience, at the right time and location. Red Cheetah is free and with the unlimited usage, subscribers are more relaxed surfing the internet.” He said

Also commenting on the partnership, Oduntan Odubanjo, Chief Operations Officer, Twinpine said this collaboration goes further to strengthen Twinpine’s proposition by widening the reach of clients to a wide range of customers and yet narrowing the same reach to specific target audiences, given the guaranteed view feature of this platform and the resultant reduced media budget wastage for brands.

Red Cheetah is already available in some taxis, buses, and major location categories, like airport terminals, malls, hospitals, markets around Lagos. Its reach includes audiences within ages 16 – 65. Plans are already in motion to expand the service to other parts of the country including homes and offices.


About Twinpine
Twinpine, a Terragon Group Company, is Africa’s premium mobile advertising network reaching millions of Africans on mobile devices via the mobile web. Twinpine helps brands and publishers run and manage tailored mobile advertising campaigns, enabling them to connect with the right audience, increase conversion rates and ultimately, make the most of Mobile.

Twinpine works with several leading advertising agencies, brands and publishers locally and internationally connecting them with their African audience delivering exceptional results for them. Twinpine has delivered campaigns in several African countries including Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, among others.

SWIFT Networks is an innovative facilities based Telecommunications Company that offers state-of-the-art broadband services that are fast, secure and reliable to enterprise and residential customers. SWIFT recently launched the RED CHEETAH service, a fast, secure and free broadband WiFi access that is configured to help bring ubiquitous broadband access and deepen internet penetration in Nigeria.

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